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    • My name is Ghaidaa' Abdulaziz

      I graduated in 2008 from KSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology , working as a Programer/Developer sience march 2009 at a private company of hosting , programing and designing websites . previosly i had trained at SAMBA bank for 60 hours

      Programming Skills:

      PHP & Mysql
      JAVA language
      Oracle and Sql
      Visual Basic 6
    • working with css and smarty templates

      Technical Skills:

      Microsoft visual studio 6.0/2005

      I work well with Macantoch , Microsoft Windows(xp,vista) and linux(ubuntu,fedora) operating systems .

    • Interests and hobbies:

      Designing, Digital drawing, oil painting, programming, crafting , and silence .
      In my free time, I really enjoy watching movies .
    • I love my job cause I love to code .
      I'm interested in reading computer security articles , scripting , programing tutorials and technology news .
      I hope to get a Master degree in Information Security someday .
      I keep myself with reading , learning and never stop improving.
    • Exhibition:

      - tulin exhibition , October 2002 - KSA , Arryiadh
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    "Hobbies of any kind are boring except to
    people who have the same hobby."
    - Dave Barry

    Check mine here and let me know what you think , that would be nice.
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    • Sudoku

      graduation project supervised by Dr. Mursi

      Sudoku : Your Brain: use it or lose it
      Sudoku board is the part i worked on from our graduation project "Game Gallery website".

      Game Features
      1. Level: It gives the player a chance to choose on of the three levels: easy, medium, or hard.
    • 2. Background Color: Gives the player a chance for selecting an appropriate background color.
      3. Game mode: The game is offered in three modes:
      -Regular Board: The usual game.
      -Sudoku Odd/Even: Where the squares including odd numbers are in one color, and the even are in another color.
      -Wrong entries: Choose to flag wrong entries .Wrong ones are flagged with a distinguishing color (usually red).
      4. Hint by numbers: Inside the cell, the range of expected numbers can be found.
      5. Puzzle recovery

    • Sudoku board functions:

      1. I need hint: Helps player by giving him all possible numbers at the cell he stopped on.
      2. How am I doing?: Gives a message with a percentage of correction on the top of the game.
      3. Single step solving: It solves the cells step by step by marking the cell which I want to be solved automatically.
      4. Auto solve: It shows the whole sudoku solution.
      5. Check: To check if a complete puzzle until specific time is correct or not, if it is correct, message will appear, if it is not, error places will view.
    • Game controls:

      1. New game: It generates a new game according to the user settings.
      2. Selecting number to enter using the number-toolbar.
      3. Undo
      4. Redo
      5. Choose to play sounds (or not).
      6. saves numbers entered up to a certain point called save point
      7. Backtracking: Roll back the player to a selected save point as chosen, or to beginning if he has not set a save point.
      8. Clear game board.
      9. Eraser: Delete specific number in specific position.
      10. submitting answer for checking
      11. Saving game
      12. Printout puzzles for handouts.
      13. Calculate player points at the end of the game
      14. Choose to keep time (or not).
      15. Create your Sudoku: It allows the player creates his own Sudoku game.
    • languages :
      - php & mysql
      - javascript
      - JAVA language
      tools :
      - dreamweaver
      - photoshop
      - jgrasp
    • Khaireya Khaireya Khaireya

      a personal website
      daynamic pages using php and wordpress software

      languages :
      - php & mysql
      tools :
      - dreamweaver
      - photoshop
      - wordpress
    • vb site

      the first websit i did using php and mysql
      An educational website includes tutorials and quizzes pages about visual basic programing
      , student accounts , login and registration page

      languages :
      - php & mysql
      tools :
      - dreamweaver
      - photoshop
    • the investor
      website for a private company called the investor
      daynamic pages

      languages :
      - php

      tools :
      - dreamweaver
      - photoshop

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Hello, my name is Ghaidaa ,I'm a web Programmer/Developer from Saudi Arabia ,a user and i'm in Love with Google . In my spare time, I like to browse the Internet with (FF), draw, paint, make crafts, you can find more about me on the top of the website , just move on your mouse .

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